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In "The Gift of Two Mothers; Harriet's Journey," readers join Harriet on a heartfelt journey of discovery, love, and family. At seven years old, Harriet lives happily with her dad, his girlfriend (whom she knows as Mom), and her little brother. Yet, she carries a hidden curiosity about the mother she hasn't seen since she was three. With tender guidance from her family, Harriet learns about her biological mother and embarks on a gradual journey to reconnect.

Through moments of uncertainty and excitement, Harriet navigates the complexities of having two mothers, supported by the unwavering love of her dad, Mom, and extended family. As she takes tentative steps towards reunion, Harriet shares her hopes, fears, and dreams with her grandmothers, discovering the strength in vulnerability and the power of love to bridge the gaps between hearts.

"The Gift of Two Mothers; Harriet's Journey" is a touching tale that celebrates the diversity of family structures, teaching young readers about love, acceptance, and the beauty of belonging to more than one family. With its gentle storytelling and poignant illustrations, this book serves as a reminder that no matter where life's journey takes us, love will always guide us home.

The Gift of Two Mothers; Harriet’s Journey

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